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“My family and I are blessed for having Susan Hatch as my personal Medicare Goddess for 4 years! No one knows more about Medicare than her. I experienced a sudden serious illness last year and we could not believe what awesome Medicare coverage that I had, thanks to Susan. She even came by to visit me in the hospital. She reviews my plan and plan changes every year and keeps me very well educated. If it wasn’t for her I could not even imagine.”

L. Whitchurch, ESQ, Madera, CA

“When I first met Susan Hatch 4 years ago, I thought that she was crazy. I could not imagine that any plan would cover my very rare pre-existing condition, which would allow me to receive my treatments at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, be accepted by one of the top Neurologists in the state with no co-payments. Susan has literally saved me thousands of dollars. I rely on her every year for her expertise and guidance for the plan that best suits my unique health care needs.”
W. Vowell, Fresno, CA

"Since 2006, Susan has helped me more than any agent I have ever known. I can always get any issue resolved with her assistance anytime of the year. I would be totally lost and in a mud hole without her. She does tremendous homework, tells the full truth about all plans and will always recommends the plans that will protect the savings accounts for all her clients."
H. Hudson, Clovis, CA  

​"Knowing my mother’s medical needs for many years, Susan recommended a Bakersfield Medicare plan for my parents for 2 years that she did not even represent. She told them to simply call the plan and enroll. You cannot find that kind of honesty in this world! In the fall of 2008 that plan was going to change drastically. It would have cost my mom $800.00 every 6 weeks for her infusion treatments and the plan representatives would not even admit the upcoming benefit change after many discussion's and meetings with them! The Doctor finally did admit that the next treatment in January would cost about $800.00 every 6 weeks, just in a co-payment! We would not have even questioned the upcoming change in that plan had Susan not let us know what was going to happen the upcoming year. She knows more about plan benefits that the plans do themselves! Susan recommended a different plan that only cost my mom $45.00 a treatment. Our family is so grateful for her vast Medicare knowledge and true genuine concern for others." 
K. Case, Bakersfield, CA

"Susan takes care of my family's needs for their Medicare Insurance. My sister, sister in law and uncle. They all have different medical and financial needs, so they are not all on the same Medicare plan. Not one plan is right for every person and that is why dealing with Susan is so awesome because she represents most all plans. She will always recommend the plan that is right for each person. Go to one of her seminars and you will learn a lot."
A. Satterberg, San Luis Obispo County

"I went to Susan Hatch's seminars and learned more than I thought was possible about Medicare Insurance. Susan will give you all the information needed to make the right choice for you or your loved ones. There is no need to run around to all the different companies seminars during the holidays when you can learn about all of your options at one time and under one roof. Amazing information and I was very impressed. She does not sugar-coat anything."
Patrick M. 

"Being in the Insurance industry for many years, I have worked with hundreds of agents and brokers. I can say that Susan Hatch has more passion for seniors than anyone I have ever come in contact with. She is constantly studying plans and benefits, line by line, to ensure her clients are financially protected as best as possible. She stays current on all changes every year. If anyone has a Medicare Health Insurance question, they can just call Susan and get the right and honest answer." 
David R., Bakersfield, CA 

​"As a Insurance Agent myself, I found that the Medicare Insurance specialty is extremely confusing. I refer all of my clients to Susan Hatch. She is the only agent I have ever known that represents most all Medicare plans and options. Susan knows more about this issue than anyone: a pure genius and walking encyclopedia about Medicare insurance. She is passionate beyond words about helping seniors and it shows." 
Craig M.

"There is no other individual on this planet who knows more about Medicare than Susan Hatch. I've known Susan for over 40 years and have watched her from the beginning of her career in Medicare sales. I've seen in person how her clients trust her and love her and take joy in her company. I've assisted Susan at her 2013 Senior Day Expo and she shines like a Rock Star in the eyes of the Senior community! She's straight forward and doesn't sugar coat anything but gets to the root of the seniors needs and enrolls them in the plan that is right for them! Susan genuinely cares for each and every one of her clients. She is proactive and a huge resource for knowledge, as she studies and license herself every year on all of the Medicare plans and Supplements. I wouldn't recommend anyone else in this entire country, but Susan Hatch!"

​Trudy Vella, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

"Susan is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable agents I have been associated with; she takes great care of her clients and goes above and beyond to see they are personally taken care of. She was one of our top agents representing Cigna Health Plans."

​Darry Schroader, Stone Creek Senior Health

"Susan is your 'go-to' expert for any Medicare questions you may have. She is honest and a straight shooter. She will assist and direct you to the best plan coverage for you as an individual. She is highly educated in her field and I am fortunate to know her."

Gail Lansidel, A Choice for Seniors

"I highly recommend and endorse Susan Hatch as 'the expert' in the area of Medicare and Medicare insurance plans. If you or a loved one is on Medicare you have to speak with Susan and get honest and straightforward information on Medicare options."

​Phil Flanigan, Law Offices of Philip M. Flanigan

“I took some bad advice and left my supplemental Medicare Plan that had NO copayments for another plan that was absolutely horrible for me. The co-payments were sky high and I was financially miserable. Susan Hatch made a miracle happen; she fought and stopped at nothing to get me back into the plan that I had when everyone else told me that it could not be done. I like having no copayments again! Susan knows Medicare supplemental state laws better than Medicare and Insurance Companies. She is a highly educated, honest, gusty gal that will run through a brick wall for seniors.”
Vito Guido, past owner of The Elbow Room, Clovis, CA

"It is indeed my pleasure to recommend Susan. She provides excellent, knowledgeable service related to my health care insurance. I feel she always has my best interest in mind."

​Carole J., Fresno, CA


“I attended Susan’s Seminar last year and was amazed. Medicare is very complicated and she explains everything so clearly. The upcoming Medicare Plan changes had me worried, but I know I will learn what plan is right for me and make the best choice again. I will definitely be going to her seminars every year. ”
Dennis H., Fresno County

“Susan Hatch knows what she is talking about. When it comes to getting accurate information about Medicare and supplemental insurances for those over 65, Susan is your "go to" person every time. I highly recommend using her services and attending her seminars. You'll be glad you did.”
Jill M. Community Development Coordinator, Hinds Hospice 

“Susan is the most knowledgeable individual that I know. She only deals with supplemental medical insurance for seniors. She is able to provide any and all plans within California and she always gives us information on all the plans and advises us on which one she feels is best for our situation. She never pushes us to take one plan or another, she leaves that up to us. She is also aware of what plans will changing in the next years. I would and have recommended her to others. She also has a great sense of humor, I am glad that I found her.”
Peggy R., Fresno, CA

“I have worked with and around Susan for several years and have found her to be the most ethical and honest person I know. Not to mention "THE" expert when it comes to Medicare and Medicare related products. She works harder than anyone I know and doesn't quit until things are done right or fixed to everyone's satisfaction. I would recommend her to anyone who wants the best by their side.” 
Greg W., Insurance Agent, Life Markets

"Susan is an incredibly smart professional, actively networking in the medical insurance field. She works diligently and efficiently to give ALL of her clients accurate and timely information to meet their insurance needs. I am proud to know her professionally.” 
Nancy A., Owner, Residential Homecare Services

“Susan is a tireless worker who spends the necessary time to learn all of the options available to her clients. She is quite knowledgeable on multiple aspects of Medicare insurance. She is a great resource to turn to when you want to compare the various plans & get the best deal. Susan will put you with the plan that is best for you & your situation.” 
Marjorie D., Owner, Medid 559

"I am a disabled veteran and also have my Masters of Social Welfare degree. Even I needed help to figure out all of my Medicare options. I am very happy that I have Susan Hatch as my advocate/agent. She truly cares about others. I am now fully covered at any emergency room in the USA and worldwide! I do not have that benefit with the VA. I pay nothing a month and I still have all of my veteran benefits.”
C. Clark, MSW, Fresno, CA 

​“My parents were on Original Medicare and spending a small fortune on their health care bills. The paperwork made my parents nuts! Three years ago, Susan Hatch guided our family through the Medicare Maze. We are forever thankful. My mother’s health care needs have been extensive this year with surgery and skilled nursing. One skilled Nursing facility tried to have us pay $8,000 and I called Susan and she and she said they were out of their minds. She called the facility and took care of it right away. The billing department was wrong! It cost us nothing, just as Susan said it would. You need a good agent that knows plan benefits that cares enough to fight for you. We have just been thrilled!  We refer everyone to Susan.”
L. Radinoff, Kerman, CA

“My neighbor Tony and I both have Susan Hatch as our Medicare Specialist for the last few years and we have never worried about our Medicare plan since. After being in 5 hospitals for 4 months. Tony’s bills last year were over $800,000 and his co-payment was absolutely NOTHING! I only trust Susan to handle my Medicare needs each year.” 
V. Barker, Fresno, CA

"Susan has her clients best interests at heart. She is constantly researching the best plans available for Seniors when it comes to their choices for Medicare and supplemental plans. Her guidance has saved some of our mutual clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars in regards to the appropriate drug plan and insurance plan copayments and premiums."

Treva Lee, DDS, Fresno, CA

"Susan is one of those rare individuals who is not only tops in her field, Medicare, but truly cares about the people she serves. Her primary goal in life is to do her best to educate and keep informed those with whom she comes into contact. Making money is incidental to her desires to inform, and she is successful because of her caring. Susan lives the words, 'People won't care how much you now, until they know how much you care.' That speaks to her success. Those who are privileged to know Susan, are blessed."

Spencer A. Lehmann, RHU, Health Insurance Expert

"Having worked with thousands of agents, I’ve come across very few that have the passion that Susan has for her clients and the products she represents. Susan insists on providing her clients with the very best value and tirelessly works to ensure that clients get everything they can out of their coverage. If I were purchasing health coverage, I’d want Susan on my side."

Glenn Amnott, Aetna

"Before being referred to Susan Hatch, I was on a Medicare Health Plan that was costing me a fortune in co-payments. There was no end in sight that year, and I am still dealing with that mess. Susan educated me on ALL my Medicare options and since then, I have not paid one red cent in co-payments. I finally never have to worry about my health care costs. She is available year-round for all of her clients. I recommend that everyone goes to one of her seminars and enrolls in the best plan for them.”
K. Pendleton, Original Mouseketeer, Fresno, CA

"Even though I am an R.N. and worked at a Fresno hospital, I found Medicare to be extremely confusing. There are Medicare advertisements all over the place, and my mailbox is full of junk mail from every insurance company that makes no sense to anyone. Medicare part A, B and C, Part D drugs and Part B drugs, the Donut Hole, Medigap and Medicare Advantage: it can make anyone’s head spin! Fortunately, Susan represents most all plans and companies, which is very rare. She will explain it all so she can enroll you in the perfect plan for you. I have NO copayments and love it.”             
V. Besser, RN, Clovis, CA